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Career guidance in PMIS

Today, the professional field is overloaded with career options. The education system has also diversified with several courses. Along with traditional classes, there has been an invention of various professional courses too. Now, students must be well aware of the available courses. Here the career counselling in school come to the rescue. They have complete insight into the ongoing and new courses introduced in the education system. They are well aware of the content of the study, the institutions that offer a particular course and its structure.

Analysis of interest and choices

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Career Counselling is not just about telling the career options available to the students. As the name says, it’s guiding the students to help them make a choice. But in school, the criteria is to understand their likes and dislikes. Students grow up with interests in mind. They are influenced by various factors and steadily develop a choice. At times, they have preferences about their career. They wish to become something. Now, here the task of a career counsellor starts. A career counsellor is very educated and well trained to understand the child’s interests. Once analysis and tests are done, counsellors understand the child’s strengths. They know where the child can do better and which stream is most suitable for him. Parents are acquainted with the child’s stability, and it becomes easier for everyone to decide on the future.

Why career counselling in PMIS

Preparation in advance

Career Counselling at school ensures that the child can start working on his dream career way before in advance. Students can understand the competitive exams conducted and shortlist the they are interested in.

Caution from taking the wrong decision

It is important not to choose the wrong path more than selecting the right part. When bad career decisions are made, students get mentally disturbed and then there is no turning back.

Skill Building

When schools conduct career counselling sessions, counsellors also inform the students about the various skills required for their preferred profession. So skill-building can happen at an early stage.

PMIS provides for establishing Career and Counselling Cell in Universities

The objective is to support the students in the development of soft skills and communication ability to challenge the rigors of competitive tests and on-job-training.

Pincushion International School

A professionally trained career counselor assists students by imparting knowledge about different subject options available and suggesting an ideal subject option as per their interests.

The Career cell aims to help the students redefine their passion in their career, develop essential employ-ability skills and strategies and to understand different competitive examination related to job opportunities in current market.

PMIS has partnered with Future Captains who are career experts with a vision to provide and help implement career solutions. With their unique processes that allow 360-degree support, scientific approach, and the latest advanced tools adopted by them, they provide in-depth solutions, that address all the career preparatory needs of school children in Grades 8 to 12. Advanced Assessments and personalized guidance to select the right stream and subject that align to their right careers.