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The PMIS of today is a result of an educational journey beginning nearly fifteen years ago. It first started off as a small school rooted in the Montessori philosophy, the idea that it is the environment that raises a child and not instructions. First started as a sub unit of a nearby school, it opened its own doors in 2010 with just six students.


Our founder, Ms. Aarthi Murali first noticed the gap in educational standards after relocating to Vellore from the US. Spurred by this and with the assistance of the Late Mrs. Elena, the two set up a Montessori based primary school.


The school itself was inspired by the results Ms. Aarthi Murali had seen during the after school programs she had organised in the year 2009. The dearth of reading skills in students as late as the third grade prompted her to set up a Reading Camp during summer holidays. This was organised as a result of an evident learning gap in students. Such a learning gap could cause a shortage in understanding the concepts at the foundational level. Along with this, she set up a summer camp in 2009 for children which became a success. This camp let the students explore concepts that were not taught in school such as performance art, creative art and even aerodynamics!

Pincushion International School

Within a year of opening the Pincushion Montessori International School, the overflowing influx of students forced the school to move into a larger building to accommodate the new student populace and by 2012, the School had increased its student population by over 24 times.

By 2018, the School gained prominence in Vellore for it’s unique methods and child-centric approach. This was when the School opened its main campus equipped with the latest educational facilities including science labs, sports facilities, a fleet of modern buses among many other features.

In 2019, the School received its ICSE certification from the board and subsequently its ISC certification in 2021. This was done to facilitate the growth of a generation raised by the Montessori philosophy and made world-ready with the right qualifications. PMIS is now a permanent member of the CICSE Schools Association and is the foremost school in Vellore for a well rounded education.

With over 1000 students and a teaching staff of nearly100, the School continues to maintain its values on education. At no point in its history has PMIS ever let the student teacher ratio be any higher than the 10:1 it began with.

With personalised attention and emphasis on mental, physical and emotional development, the School is not only a pioneer in the field of education but also a message to parents everywhere that your child can and will flourish if given the right environment. This is an idea that continues to remain at the core of PMIS and its education.

Understanding the philosophy and uniqueness of an organisation helps the parent and the school work together, keeping the child in mind. And to quote Montessori, education is for Life, not for the classroom.

We grew organically, adding one class a year. Now it is a pleasure to share each child’s learning journey from Pre KG to 12. We appreciate our journey over 10 years and how the family has grown!

Education is the passport to the future, for tomorrow belongs to those who prepare for it today.

Our courses offer a good compromise between the continuous assessment favoured by some universities and the emphasis placed on final exams by others.

Pincushion International School

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The Enviroment must reveal the child not Mould him

PMIS is proud to be affiliated with COUNCIL FOR THE INDIAN SCHOOL CERTIFICATE EXAMINATIONS (CISCE). CISCE was established in 1958 by the University of Cambridge Local Examinations Syndicate, thereby making it the only Indian curriculum that is widely accepted globally. CISCE students are lifelong learners, developing skills and attitudes towards future learning that prepare them for college and beyond.

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PMIS has partnered with various organizations who are leaders in their genre and will train our ICSE & ISC students to prepare for college entrance exams.

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Pincushion International School
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Pincushion International School
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